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Importing Scene into SDK

This section covers the required information to import your created scene correctly into the SDK.
Create a package of your unity scene by following these steps:
  • right click on the scene -> select dependencies
  • right click inside the project window -> export package
  • Inside the export package -> turn of include dependencies
Make sure only used files are included that are inside the environment
  • Import package inside unity SDK project from VLGE.
  • Create two folders inside inside Assets/ –V_BLDR_SDK/ --SceneFiles&ObjectPrefabs/ ObjectFolders
    • /#scenename_props
    • /#scenename_scene
    Note: don't use capital letters here it might give some errors while building the asset bundles
  • Select one of the new folders -> go to the lower right corner -> next to AssetBundle click on none -> create new -> name it the same name like the folder you selected
  • Do it for the other folder the same way
  • Put the scene from the scene folder inside the #scenename_scene
  • Put Prefabs/#SceneName/Props inside #scenename_props
Open the scene inside the SDK project and take a look if everything is looking the same as it was in your project. It could be that some custom collision is scaled incorrectly or that the light bake is not working as it was before. For the light bakes you might need to adjust the intensity of the lights used inside the scene and redo the bake.